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The FCI Community includes key software providers to the Industry and Members have access to their leading edge and innovative solutions. Competitive product sets ensure that there is support for all the needs of the modern factoring and commercial finance company.


Arcares is the leader in ICT solutions for the Italian factoring market,  and is starting a new phase of its evolution and growth  by offering its solutions and consultant services in the European market. It is particularly focused on the following markets :


  • Factoring & Invoice discounting
  • Medium & Long term financing
  • Consumer credits and Loans
  • Securitization
  • Asset Based Lending 
  • Leasing
  • Corporate banking
  • Collection

China Systems Holdings Limited

China Systems is the leading trade finance software solution provider worldwide. Our flagship core products for back-office, Eximbills®, and front-end, Customer Enterprise, are used by many international banks as a single Solution to meet their trade finance, payments, guarantees, factoring and supply chain finance processing requirements. The Solution has become widely accepted as the de facto standard for trade finance processing worldwide as a result of China Systems' more than 35 years of expertise, commitment and global footprint.

Today, China Systems has a growing international base of loyal customers in more than 60 countries as it continues to explore new business areas in the financial world. Using its knowledge in solution design and financial institutions' architecture, and its extensive experience in systems development and implementation, China Systems has created a powerful business enabling development platform catering for the needs of a range of international transaction banking services.

Factoring and Receivables Financing are part of our SCF solution, covering Reverse Factoring, Invoice Discounting as well as Import, Export and Domestic Factoring, fully supporting EDI for message exchange.
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CODIX is a market leading provider of Commercial Finance and SCF software solutions, as A/R, Debt Collection and Legal software, including implementation and maintenance services.

CODIX delivers turnkey fixed price/fixed time projects, customizing its iMX solution to ensure complete and total coverage of the Customer needs.
CODIX works with banks, financial institutions, collection agencies, etc, worldwide – from SMEs to large multinationals, providing services through its sites on 5 continents (CODIX France, CODIX Latin America, CODIX USA, CODIX Tunisia, CODIX Vietnam, CODIX Bulgaria), with a total staff of approximately 400 persons.

All activities of CODIX are ISO 9001-2008 certified.

The CODIX’ iMX solution:

  • Multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-country, iMX is the global, powerful and flexible IT solution for small and large Commercial Finance and SCF businesses providing cutting edge working capital solutions to their customers, including:
  • Factoring
  • (recourse, non recourse, confidential, bulk, shadow ledgering,
  • debtor finance, confirming …)
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Syndication
  • Asset Based lending
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • (reverse factoring, inventory and commodities financing,
  • purchase order and shipment documents…)
  • Loans
  • Leasing
  • A/R (client accounts management), Collection and Legal

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Demica is the market leader in independent, end-to-end, Working Capital Solutions enabling the financing of over $60bn of payables and receivables each year.

We are uniquely positioned in the market, offering integrated Working Capital Solutions to financial institutions, multinational and local corporations, with one team covering the spectrum of working capital products from Supply Chain Finance (also known as Confirming or Reverse Factoring) to Trade Receivable Financing (including Portfolio Purchase and Securitisation structures). Our team includes recognised industry experts and experienced technology implementation professionals.

Through a feature rich, proprietary, technology platform, Demica supports all large-scale supply chain finance transactions. Our solution has full white-label capabilities enabling our funding partners to offer market leading products and services to their clients across the working capital spectrum. Demica’s solutions include:

  • Traditional supply chain finance
  • Gross-up supply chain finance
  • Early payment discount capture
  • Dynamic discounting

Demica’s Supplier Onboarding Tool offers:

  • KYC Automation
  • Dedicated marketing messages
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Full integration with Demica’s Supply Chain Finance platform

With over 35 Funding Partners, payables and receivables across 135 countries and Assets Under Administration growth of over 6x in the last 2 years, Demica continues to be the partner of choice to Funders globally.




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efcom is a leading provider of factoring software. We serve more than 40 renowned factoring institutes across eleven countries. We have nearly 20 years of experience on the market. We consistently focus on our customers' needs: accuracy, transparency, speed, adaptability and safety play central roles in our applications. Our flagship product is the software ef3. It comprises many practice-oriented functions that can be sensibly supplemented by various modules. ef3 currently handles nearly 130 billion Euro in factoring volume – it´s among the biggest volumes all over Europe. With efOnline, we offer customers a web-based application that permits highly efficient communication and comprises various practice-oriented features.

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HPD Software

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HPD Software Limited has been providing Factoring and ABL solutions to the industry for the last 20 years and we are the international market leaders in this sector. Built on the experience of I-FACTOR HPD’s new software, AQUARIUS is the next generation of finance system and has been designed to support any kind of lending or factoring product. Concentrating of productivity, straight through processing and flexibility the software can either be run in-house or outsourced to HPD’s specialist hosting facility.

At HPD we have a low staff turnover and employ people who combine IT skills with in-depth knowledge of the finance industry. This enables us to provide our partners and clients with not only our software but also a range of complementary services to enhance their business.

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Neurosoft was founded in 1994 and has set the provision of qualitative solutions and services to its clients, both in Greece and abroad, as a primary goal.

Neurosoft is a fully integrated ICT company with Software Development, System Integration and Information Security capabilities. The staff headcount exceeds 180+ highly skilled employees with deep experience in their field. The company is located in Athens with presence in UAE, Cyprus and UK.

Neurosoft business activities include:

  • Design, development and integration of innovative products and solutions for Sales & Trade Finance Operators with fully customized Business Intelligence & Risk Management solutions.
  • Design, implementation operation and support of large scale infrastructure solutions for Operators of Critical Networks and Critical National Infrastructures Stakeholders.
  • Provision of Cyber Security Solutions & Services (Security Assessments, Consulting and Managed Security Services).

The company is committed to client impact, continuous investments in R&D, innovation, adoption of advanced methodologies and well-known international standards (ISO, OWASP etc). It demonstrates a track record of successful local & international group(multi-country) installations & continuous technical support, always on time – on budget – on spec.

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Optimai is a Financial Technology specialist building the next generation platform.  

Optimai Factoring & Supply Chain Financing System is modular and manages accounts receivables financing, invoice financing, domestic and export factoring, Islamic factoring, supply chain financing, etc.  Optimai supports advanced features such as dynamic pricing based on the quality of debtors.  Their solutions are aggressively priced and often enable our customers to lower their technology cost by 50%.  Their agile technology enables us to deliver robust and customizable systems often within 6 months.  

Their technology has built-in API, is cloud-ready and real-time.


Premium Technology

Premium Technology Inc, founded in 2001, is a privately held U.S. corporation with New York headquarters. Premium has locations in the U.S.A., Indonesia, & China (Beijing, Hong Kong, and Wuhan).

Premium started as a trade finance e-commerce developer for Trade Finance portals. In 2004, Premium decided to focus exclusively on Supply Chain Finance solutions. The Supply Chain Finance (SCF) product suite FinShare provides for Open Account and Working Capital Solutions.

The web based FinShare product suite includes both pre-shipment and post shipment financing solutions. They include: Purchase Order Financing, Supplier Finance (Reverse Factoring), Receivables Finance, Factoring, Asset Based Lending, Forfaiting, Risk Participation, Document Preparation, and Bank Payment Obligation.

The FinShare product suite shares a common core platform that includes Commercial Loan Capabilities, Credit Risk Limits, and Invoice/P.O. management components. Premium has received SWIFT certification for its BPO Supply Chain Finance solution. Premium is recognized as the market leading SCF solution.

The FinShare product suite is offered as a licensed software or as a Cloud Based (SaaS) solution.

Tinubu Square

Founded in 2000, Tinubu Square is a software vendor, enabler of the Credit Insurance, Surety and Trade Finance digital transformation.

Tinubu Square enables organizations across the world to significantly reduce their exposure to risk and their financial, operational and technical costs with best-in-class technology solutions and services. Tinubu Square provides SaaS solutions and services to different businesses including credit insurers, receivables financing organizations and multinational corporations.

Tinubu Square has built an ecosystem of customers in over 20 countries worldwide and has a global presence with offices in Paris, London, New York, Montreal and Singapore.


UnifiedPost, founded in 2000, started as a platform for document management and over the years acquired several companies towards the group of companies we are today. We have 200 people working across Europe on a BPaaS platform based upon the basic components Document, Payment, Identity and APP's to support our customers with UPgrading their business processes. We help corporates both small and large to focus on what they do best; expanding their business.  

To provide you with an example of a successful community platform, together with a Dutch tier 1 bank UnifiedPost is operating a platform whereby their customers can automatically send and receive invoices, statement information and other customer specific data. Based on that customer data the bank is offering a set of APP’s tailored for the customer. For example, a farmer can receive extra working capital after sending an invoice. Or his master data can be send to his account for a real time financial picture of his farm. That keeps the farmer in the position to do what he does best. He has more time to take care of his animals while expanding his business from his iPad or mobile device.

Have a look at to see an animated explanation of what we do. 

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