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When businesses around the world want to understand their most valuable relationships, they turn to Dun & Bradstreet as a trusted source—and they have for 175 years. Our data and analytics bring truth & meaning to our customers’ relationship-related decisions…whether these relationships involve customers, prospects, suppliers, and vendors across your systems, regions and departments.

With rich proprietary data assets and a world-class team of data scientists, we illuminate the path to the best relationships with unique, global analytics capabilities. Dun & Bradstreet’s global data—from over 190 countries—comprises the world’s largest commercial database of more than 265 million commercial entities (and their hierarchies) to cover your business universe. We draw intelligence from over 30,000 data sources—and leverage capabilities of global data collection to help you better manage capital and risk.

But data alone is not enough. Navigating risk is dependent on how you use insights and information to deepen and recognize the opportunities hidden in your relationships with your customers, prospects, suppliers, and partners. We understand especially the challenges that firms face today when it comes to compliance around global regulations related to know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML), which is why Dun & Bradstreet helps provide you with an enterprise-wide common view of entities and their legal relationships—so you can understand the linkages among who you're doing business with today and who you should consider doing business with tomorrow.

Nearly ninety percent of the Fortune 500™, and companies of every size worldwide rely on Dun & Bradstreet for the data, analytics and advanced expertise to create competitive, winning business strategies to manage capaital and risk. Let us help to connect you to your most valuable relationships.

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