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Decentralized Organisation
Decentralized Organisation
FCI is a truly global association that acts in the interests of its members right across the globe. It also represents members’ needs on a more localised basis through its network of Regional Chapters.

These Chapters organise events and activities which have a particular focus on regional issues and opportunities.
Local and global; FCI supports its members in building their businesses.​
Each Chapter Director or Manager is in place to help provide and coordinate any support.

Regional Chapters
In South & South East Asia, North East Asia, Americas, Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe & the Middle East and Africa: FCI has a Regional Director who is in charge of membership development and is the face of FCI.
South and South East Asia
South and South-East Asia

South and South-East Asia comprise some of the fastest-growing economies on the planet; it also is home to many start-up and emerging invoice finance industries. Awareness, understanding and support are key for these developing markets.


The South & South-East Asia Regional Manager is
Mr Thompson Lui

North East Asia
North East Asia

North-East Asia comprises the greater China region (China, HK, Taiwan) along with Japan, Korea, and Mongolia. China is moving fast. With the One belt One Road initiative, this trend will have a significant and direct impact on the trade in the region.


The North-East Asia Regional Director is
Mr Lin Hui

CEE SEE ME Regions
Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and the Middle East

Central and Eastern Europe, along with the former CIS countries and the Middle East have a rapidly developing Invoice finance industry. Skills development and the sharing of best practices are a real focus in these quickly evolving marketplaces. This Chapter focuses on supporting these particular regional needs and opportunities.


The CEE and SEE & Middle East Regional Director is
Mrs Betül Kurtulus


Americas has both an established and emerging set of markets; with economic growth and a real focus on import and export operations as well as domestic business, this Chapter is there to support members who want to develop new knowledge, skills and markets.



The American Regional Director is
Mr Alberto Wyderka

Africa region

It is generally recognised that Africa presents some of the most exciting global opportunities for economic development and expansion. Our Industry is capable of providing support to this growth but knowledge and capability need to be developed and shared. The African Chapter is in place to help support this expansion and skills creation at a regional level.


The African Regional Manager is
Mr Nassourou Aminou

Western Europe
Western Europe

The Western European factoring market is one of the most developed and longest-standing markets in the world so this chapter focuses on supporting regional needs and opportunities while lobbying, when required, with legislators and policymakers.



Mr Peter Mulroy, FCI Secretary General is in charge of Western Europe.


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