Jessica Sim
How does FCI two-factor system work?
What is - in your eyes - the greatest advantage of FCI?

Standard Charted Bank joined FCI in 2009 and has built strong partnerships with several banks across Asia, Europe and the U.S. We started getting access to credit protection & credit collection services in geographies where we need support. Joining FCI has allowed us to enjoy thought leadership and mindshare with industry players. The annual FCI meeting is one event that we look forward to each year. It’s a great platform for us to exchange market information and to share out thoughts and views. We have had several great experiences with the FCI members whom we work with.

The most recent one that comes to mind happened in April 2020. Our client in Sri Lanka received a sizable order for surgical masks from a large US buyer. He was given a short timeline to confirm the order. We reached out to our key partner in Europe for the credit cover and were pleasantly surprised to get a positive answer from him in under a week, given the situation. That truly put us in a good position to win the customer. Such collaborative efforts to put customers at the centre of what we do from FCI members are not uncommon, but we especially appreciate it during trying times. We are certain that the strong working relationship with our partners will continue in the coming years.

International Importer and Exporters

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