Risk Management in Factoring Webinar

Detecting & managing risks is probably the hardest task in our business. We all need to be continuously alerted and well-trained in order to face all difficult cases that may arise! The Risk “Management in Factoring” Webinar sessions intend to highlight and address the most important risks in factoring & receivables finance. Team members from Risk & Operations, are expected to benefit the most. However, the importance of risk awareness and common understanding of risks among all departments must never be underestimated.
The “Risk Management in Factoring” Webinar sessions include:
  • Session 1 – Factoring products risks overview & Seller Risks and Control
  • Session 2 – Buyers Risks & Third-party Risks 
  • Session 3 – Fraud Detection & Prevention and Operational Risks


Testimonials from previous webinars:

“It was an excellent experience and we are looking forward for the next one.”

Dragana Stefanovic, Telegroup Finance doo