Advanced Course on International Factoring 

The FCI Advanced Course is the third level of FCI’s 3-Step Career Path programme.


  • Seller selection & control
  • Buyer risk control
  • Dispute prevention & handling
  • FCI legal framework
  • Purchase order management
  • Invoice verification


Who should attend?

The course is primarily aimed at senior employees (mid management level and above). For new and/or smaller members of FCI, senior managers are considered as part of this group.



The Advanced Level Course requires either a prior Intermediate Level Diploma (Level 2) on international factoring or a prior FCI diploma on international factoring based on the former FCI Course on International Factoring, obtained before 2011.

Study time & examination

The course is designed to be completed within four months (including the on-line multiple choice interim examination) plus one month for the final written examination.


Study material

Buyer risk control manual, seller selection manual, dispute prevention manual, legal manual (partly), purchase order management guide, invoice verification guide. Online help by FCI’s education director is available.



Participants take on-line multiple choice interim and final written examinations covering the study material. Those who pass will receive the FCI Gold Diploma on international factoring.


Maximum number

15 participants from each FCI member.



400 euros.


Starting date

The course is offered twice a year, starting on 1 January and 1 July.


To download the brochure of the course please click here

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