The FCI courses contain all there is to know about international factoring, FCI, the two-factor system, the all-important issues of seller and buyer control, legal framework and commercial dispute management, and how to sell export factoring.

Below you will find a short description of each course, you can have access to more details while clicking on the title of the course.

FCI's specially created career path is a three-step plan to meet the training needs of financial professionals at all levels.

Certificate Courses (online)

International Factoring Foundation Course


  • An overview of factoring
  • FCI
  • Seller selection & acquisition
  • Managing the seller


Seller Selection & Control Course


  • Seller selection      
  • Seller control
  • Monitoring the seller risk
  • Fraud detection & prevention


Buyer Risk Control Course


  • Buyer risk control & finance
  • Buyer risk control & credit cover
  • Buyer risk assessment
  • Monitoring the buyer risk 


Dispute Prevention & Handling Course


  • What is a dispute in factoring
  • Causes of disputes
  • Impact of a dispute
  • How to avoid disputes
  • FCI dispute procedure





Selling and Marketing Factoring Course

Key objectives of the selling process

  • Selling skills
  • Sales process, pricing, alternative products
  • Marketing Factoring



Legal Course


  • Legal framework of FCI
  • FCI constitution
  • General rules of international factoring
  • Rules of arbitration
  • rules



Pre-sales and Seller On-boarding in Factoring Course


  • International factoring business explained: functions, products, varieties, services
  • Seller selection
  • Educating the seller
  • Basic operating rules and legal rules of the two-factor system



Diploma Courses (e-learning)

Intermediate Course on International Factoring
(Level 2)


The FCI Intermediate Course is the second level of FCI’s 3-Step Career Path programme. It is the natural next step following the FCI Foundation Course.

  • Principles of the two-factor system
  • Operating rules & basic legal rules of the two-factor system
  • Best business practices in operations 
  • Use of and EDI rules




Advanced Course on International Factoring
(Level 3)



The FCI Advanced Course is the third level of FCI’s 3-Step Career Path programme.

  • Seller selection & control
  • Buyer risk control
  • Dispute prevention & handling
  • FCI legal framework
  • Purchase order management
  • Invoice verification