Selling and Marketing Factoring Course


  • Key objectives of the selling process
  • Selling skills
  • Sales process, pricing, alternative products
  • Marketing Factoring


Who should attend?

The courses are primarily aimed at sales staff from any level of experience: employees dedicated to selling factoring in the factoring companies or bank branches.


You can enrol the same student for both Certificate Courses on Selling Factoring (Selling and Marketing Factoring course and Pre-sales and Seller On-boarding in Factoring Course) in one term. Courses can also be taken independent of each other.


Study time & examination

Each of the certificate courses is designed to be completed within three months (including the on-line multiple choice examination). Students will not have any assistance from the Education Director during their study.


Study material

Selling and Marketing Factoring Course study material will be provided by FCI.

Participants take on-line multiple choice examination covering the study material. Those who pass will receive a Proficiency Certificate.


Diploma on Selling Factoring - optional

Students who complete both courses successfully and receive the proficiency certificates within 12 consecutive months, can sit a final examination on Selling Factoring which takes place in the month of November. Participants who pass the final examination will receive the FCI Diploma on Selling Factoring.


175 euros


Starting date
The course is offered twice a year, starting on 1 January and 1 July.

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