FCI organizes regular seminars on various aspects of factoring. The seminars take place around the world and usually attract more than 300 participants every year.

All the FCI events are interactive with plenty of opportunity to discuss issues so that practical knowledge and experiences are shared.

FCI Seminars usually focus on the following topics (click on the title to see more details) :

Marketing & Sales Seminar


Marketing & Sales seminar offers practical assistance in creating greater awareness about factoring, and international factoring in particular, within the business community.  Also offers practical assistance in making sales staff more successful in selling the factoring concept to domestic and export clients.


Client Selection & Control Seminar


The seminar includes an overview of the various elements to be considered before accepting the prospect as a factoring client as well as the control of the account once the client has started to make use of factoring service.

Risk Management Seminar


Designed to cover all risk factors in an international factoring transaction and to provide participants with an understanding of the importance of internal controls and risk management in factoring operations. The seminar also gives participants guidance on assessing the risk management and internal control environment in key functions such as seller selection & control, buyer control, including operations and third party risks. 

Legal Seminar



The focus is primarily on the General Rules for International Factoring (GRIF), the background of certain articles, the implications for day-to-day business and the delicate balance in keeping GRIF as an acceptable document for both the Export Factors and Import Factors.

Fraud Detection & Prevention Seminar




The demand for factoring services is increasing and many factoring companies have their hands full with client control and fraud prevention.

Buyer Risk Control & Dispute Prevention Seminar



Buyer Risk Control, Dispute Prevention & Handling seminars provide comprehensive knowledge about how to control and monitor the buyer risk during the course of factoring transactions (buyer credit assessment is not included)  and help the delegates to understand the main causes of disputes and how to manage them.

International Pathway with FCI




FCI’s International Pathway offers comprehensive knowledge on how to get started in two-factor business and FCI, based on the information in the Quick Start Guide.


Operational Workshop




The main objective of this Workshop is to show how to handle the FCI Two-Factor business both as Export and Import Factor. The second objective of this Workshop is to show you how to use edifactoring.com properly and efficiently, including tips and tricks to simplify your daily work.


Workshop on Solutions for Open Account Receivables Finance



The Workshop is the only truly international comprehensive and integrated training on the theory and practice of the open account receivables finance products. Covering all key areas such as factoring, forfaiting, invoice discounting, supply chain finance, reverse factoring, asset based lending and many other products this workshop enables participants to gain knowledge on the most important issues within the Receivables Finance Industry.

Testimonials from previous seminars:

"I would like to personally thank the legal counsel as well as the FCI team for the training. I gained a lot of insights into the international factoring world and its operational nuances which I was definitely not able to find out from online searches." An attendee from China


"It was indeed the best training session attended by me. Our complements to the team including legal for making all session's so interactive and informative. Specially the case studies and GRIF Q&A were brilliantly made. You all made learning fun. There was not even a single dull moment." An attendee from India Factoring