Buyer Risk Control, Dispute Prevention & Handling seminar

What participants will learn
This seminar deals with the largest group of businesses involved in factoring arrangements – the buyers. The buyers have an unusual connection with the factor in that there is no contractual relationship between them.  
Nevertheless the buyers have a major impact on all the factoring services. In this seminar we will examine the sort of risks to which a factor can be exposed and how we can control them.


In the second part of the seminar we will analyse the risks related to disputes of assigned receivables. What is more, disputes have a nasty habit of coming along when the factor least wants them – when the seller goes bankrupt. The buyer/seller business relationship and goodwill have ended. There is no longer any incentive for buyers to pay for goods that are not up to standard (or so they believe).  


It is at this point that a factor proves his professionalism and expertise by helping members to:


  • control and monitor the buyer risk during the course of factoring transactions (buyer credit assessment is not included).
  • understand what the main causes of disputes are.
  • find ways of preventing disputes as much as possible.
  • manage disputes so as to reduce their impact on all the parties involved.


The seminar combines presentations with smaller group discussions and plenty of Q&A sessions.

Who should attend?
Directors, managers, assistant managers, account executives and controllers from international department, operations department, internal control department and credit management department.

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