Client Selection & Control Seminar

What participants will learn
The words ‘selection’ and ‘control’ indicate that we wish to study  the various client criteria which must be met to sign and maintain a successful factoring contract.  Part of the control function is fraud prevention. 


But although we will certainly spend a considerable amount of time on the dangers of fraud, we must look at factoring in a wider and more positive context.  It is impossible to avoid fraud altogether, but every factor should be able to build a system for early detection of irregularities into his organisation.


Lively discussions on genuine case studies
To enliven discussions, we will study a number of actual cases which have been prepared in cooperation with several FCI members. Apart from fraud, there is also a danger that a factor signs a contract with a company which sells an ‘unfactorable’ product.  
We also intend to discuss in depth the tailor-made solutions which are required for the handling of interesting new industry accounts that are certainly ‘factorable’ but require different procedures than the standard traditional factoring package.

Who should attend?
This seminar is for employees, who are in the international department, sales department, client management department, collection and operation department, risk monitoring department. For new and/or smaller members of FCI, senior management is also part of this group. Account executives in particular" would benefit from these types of discussions.

When we asked participants what their most valuable business experience was from this seminar, these are some of the answers they gave:


  • I observed a lot of things about best practice in fraud prevention. Good practice in client selection. Many interesting and useful things.
  • Upgrading contacts in the factoring business.
  • I have learnt a lot about how to deal with sellers, how to prevent fraud.
  • It makes me understand how important it is to have a good relationship with the Export Factor.
  • Learning about assignment issues in other countries.                        
  • The importance of being alert to protect yourself from fraud and collusions. Case studies and interaction with other factoring companies.

"FCI seminars are unique in covering all possible topics with various forms of learning techniques and they are extremely dynamic."
TEB Faktoring A.S., Turkey

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