Fraud Detection & Prevention seminar

What participants will learn

The demand for factoring services is increasing and many factoring companies have their hands full with client control and fraud prevention.


What is factoring fraud? All industries have fraud issues but during the latest economic downturn there has been an increase in factoring fraud cases. Factoring fraud is increasing significantly because factors work on high volumes and small margins.


Part of the client control function is fraud prevention and although we will certainly spend a considerable amount of time on the dangers of fraud, we must see this in a wider and more positive context.


It is impossible to avoid fraud altogether, but every factor should be able to build a system for early detection of irregularities into his organisation.


The seminar will combine presentations with discussions on new case studies and covers:

  • The early warning signs of fraud
  • Knowing and understanding clients and their risk profile
  • How to maximise recoveries
  • Recognising and dealing with deliberate frauds
  • Using internal and external resources

Who should attend?

Client managers, account managers, audit managers and other staff members directly involved in dealing with clients in other departments such as operations, collections and legal with at least two years industry experience will benefit from attending this seminar.

When we asked participants what their most valuable business experience was from this seminar, these are some of the answers they gave:

  • Sharing best practices of participants
  • Presentations – they will be translated into my native language and repeated in my company.
  • IT systems used for monitoring changes and the organisational structure.
  • Sharing technical knowledge with delegates from different countries.
  • Group discussions.
  • Discussions, sharing, learning.

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