FCI International Pathway

What participants will learn
Based on the Quick Start Guide to FCI and several case studies, the purpose of this seminar is to help you:

  • organise vis-à-vis FCI
  • prepare for the FCI two-factor business, both for long-distance transactions, but also for inter-Asian business
  • choose the right type of seller
  • understand the importance of the FCI legal system for export factoring contracts
  • set up a successful operation and understand the basic principles of the  FCI communication system
  • find resources 


The format of the seminar combines presentations and group discussions on case studies and Q&A sessions as well as mini quizzes on the topics presented. 



Who should attend?

  • FCI members who have not been active in the two-factor system but plan to be soon, or have undergone a complete change in their international department
  • Experienced FCI members who have recently employed new staff who will concentrate on the FCI two-factor system
  • FCI members who are willing to share and test their knowledge and best practice,  not only for the development of long-distance business, but also for the fast growing inter-Asian factoring business
  • Directors, managers, executives, controllers and officers from the international department, operations department, internal control department and credit management department.
  • Observers: in addition to the above people - general managers, assistant general managers and other executives representing senior and middle management. 

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