Legal seminar on GRIF

What participants will learn
This seminar will focus primarily on the General Rules for International Factoring (GRIF), the background of certain articles, the implications for day-to-day business and the delicate balance in keeping the GRIF as an acceptable document for both Export Factors and Import Factors. 
The seminar combines presentations with smaller group discussions and plenty of Q&A sessions. The seminars are dynamic, information-packed events that immerse audiences in the subject matter and encourage their active participation.




Who should attend?
This seminar will benefit those involved in new businesses, operations, risk monitoring, legal, compliance and litigation departments. It could also be of interest to external lawyers (if appropriate), who wish to develop their knowledge of GRIF affecting the operations of FCI two-factor businesses. It is important that all delegates attending have a basic understanding of GRIF that affects the industry.


When we asked participants what their most valuable business experience was from this seminar, these are some of the answers they gave:

  • Case studies and interaction with other factoring companies.
  • Learning more about GRIF and thinking deeply about cases.
  • Learning more about GRIF and circular? As well as group discussions. 
  • Practical exercises.
  • Discussions and sharing of concerns such as those relating to sanctions.
  • Helping to sort out some questions that you have wanted to ask for a long time.

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Testimonials from previous seminars:

"Well structured, intuitive, greatly facilitating assimilation of GRIF via case study analysis." Theodorakis Mandalis - Ethniki Factors (NBG), Greece


"Having the possibility to discuss not only about cases from practice but also get into the details of the GRIF is very helpful." Candisa Banea - Eurofactor, Germany


"Legal consideration and experiences on fraud cases help us all to be more careful as the sector facing more issues due to the economical downturn globally." Zekeriya Güser - Teb Faktoring, Turkey