Marketing and Sales Seminar

What participants will learn

This seminar will focus primarily on ‘selling’ international factoring, stressing the fact that factoring should not to be sold on price, but rather on added-value for a business.


Businesses do not purchase a service based solely on price advantages. They buy a service to fulfil a need. The better their needs are met, the greater the value to them and hence the higher the price they are willing to pay.


Effective sales people know how to uncover hidden needs. Good sales people spend more time listening and asking questions than talking.


The seminar will take participants through the sales process in a logical way and review each of the following areas:

  • The discovery process in which the sales person determines the needs of the client
  • The sales presentation in which the sales person describes how the service will benefit the client in meeting the client’s needs: features and benefits
  • Overcoming any objections the client may have
  • Closing the business deal
  • Complementary sales approaches



Who should attend?

Because of the scope of the seminar, participants should be actively involved in the sales process of their company. Their role should include, or even concentrate, on selling international factoring.


When we asked participants what their most valuable business experience was from this seminar, these are some of the answers they gave:


  • Gaining knowledge about the factoring business and sales techniques. This is a very useful active information and interesting seminar.
  • How to control meetings using open questions. 
  • Learning to introduce factoring, how to sell it, getting to know the difference between factoring and other trade finance products.
  • The business game helped everyone. The discussions, sharing of opinions, reviewing knowledge were all really good experiences.
  • During the group discussion I learnt more about factoring from other participants.  I think it’s a great opportunity to attain more skills.

"FCI seminars are unique in covering all possible topics with various forms of learning techniques and they are extremely dynamic."
TEB Faktoring A.S., Turkey

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