Risk Management seminar 

What participants will learn
Preventing and controlling risks are key advantages in successful risk and capital management, which in turn are critical to entrepreneurial success in the factoring industry. 


The repercussions of loose risk management infrastructure and education include fraud, commercial default, bankruptcy, operational error, and financial penalties stemming from a weak compliance environment, to name but a few.


Factoring companies need to consistently develop and improve their

operational and technical practices. This seminar will help you successfully manage different risks in your organisation.


The seminar will focus on four main themes relating to risk:
1.    Seller risks in international factoring
2.    Buyer risks in international factoring
3.    Operational risks in international factoring
4.    Third party/compliance risks in international factoring


The seminar is designed to cover all risk factors in an international factoring transaction and to provide delegates with an understanding of the importance of internal controls and risk management in factoring operations. 
It is also intended to give participants guidance on assessing the risk management and internal control environment in key functions such as seller selection & control, buyer control, including operations and third party risks.

Who should attend?
Anyone who is involved in managing, controlling and monitoring risk will benefit from this seminar. This includes risk managers, team managers, relationship & operation managers of factoring companies and/or bank factoring divisions.


When we asked participants what their most valuable business experience was from this seminar, these are some of the answers they gave:

  • The session regarding debtor risk and monitoring of debtors.
  • I have obtained a lot of experience, especially on how to handle disputes and information about invoice verification.
  • Case studies helped me combine theory with practice.
  • I’m in charge of sales in my company and this seminar allowed me to improve my knowledge about risk management.

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Testimonials from previous seminars:

"To attend these seminars is a MUST for all persons working in factoring business." Luminita Dumitrescu - ING Bank, Romania


"I enjoyed all sessions of the seminar. Great preparation and valuable efforts." Deniz Ulutürk - TEB Factoring, Turkey