FCI Mentoring Program 

As a new member, FCI provides you with a lot of material, documents and education which helps you to start-up with the International Two-Factor business. In this period it might take you considerable time and efforts to implement efficient processes that enable you to work properly with your Factoring correspondents based on the GRIF rules and EDIFactoring as the communication platform.

To get your business started it can be very useful to get guidance and advice from skilled FCI members who already have experienced this process and can share best practices with you.


Who is it for?


This Mentoring Program strives to offer a new member (mentee) the possibility to visit an experienced FCI member (mentor) usually for 2-3 days onsite and get an insight in the organisation and operational processes of the mentor’s international business. The mentee has the possibility to occasionally receive some practical advice from the mentor for a defined period afterwards. 



The FCI Mentoring Program aims to match experienced volunteer members (mentors) with recently approved and inexperienced members in FCI (mentees) for the specific purpose of providing support, guidance, showing best practices, giving helpful tips and passing knowledge to the mentees. Mentors don’t provide consultancy as offered in the a.m. tailor-made programmes by FCI. Mentors and mentees are always member companies and not individual persons.


Program Goals

The specific goals of the FCI Mentoring Program are:

  1. To support new members in understanding the FCI way to do business (GRIF, Edifactoring, others) from both perspectives of Import- and Export Factor.
  2. To share the skills and knowledge of a successful member with a new member.
  3. To provide support in developing the international factoring business for new members.
  4. To foster open communication and dialogue.
  5. To provide motivation for quality performance in FCI.
  6. To bring new members together with other FCI members to enable them to build up its own network within FCI.


Mentorship Terms

Mentorship period will depend on a series of different factors, but in any case a maximum term should be agreed between parties at the very beginning of the relationship. Usually the mentorship mainly consists of a 2-3 days onsite training programme followed by some occasional advice within a total period of approximately six (6) months.    


Mentorship Features

A mentor shall inform FCI about its willingness to act as a volunteer member (possibly subject to certain conditions). FCI will check if the potential mentor fulfils the required criteria and will introduce the mentor, if they are matching, to interested new members who want to become mentees. The list of potential mentors will also be published on the website of FCI. FCI reserves the right to review the list of mentors that are not anymore fulfilling the expectations.


The FCI mentor and its mentee should both agree on the conditions, characteristics and time extension of the mentorship. Usually the mentee bears all costs related to travel and accommodation.


The agreement should at least include the following:

  1. Availability of the FCI mentor to receive one visit of the mentee to his company
  2. Goals, needs and expectations of the mentee
  3. Preferred way of communication
  4. Frequency of communication between the parties
  5. Topics excluded from the mentorship
  6. Initial and final day of the mentorship

Mentors features and responsibilities

The FCI mentor should be a correspondent with vast experience in the cross border field. He should already cooperate with a number of correspondents which should have provided him with a very good/excellent service quality rating score. Additionally, he should have a particular kind of interest in the fast progress and final success of the mentee.


The FCI mentor must have the willingness to accept the commitment of time and energy to provide support for a new FCI member during the whole mentorship period and will need to maintain support and open communication.


Mentor will also:

  1. Initiate contact with the mentee as soon as possible and clarify its needs
  2. Have a well-structured  plan regarding the onsite training which is communicated and coordinated in due course prior to the mentee’s visit
  3. Be a good listener
  4. Maintain confidentiality 
  5. Give constructive feedback 
  6. Promote mentee creativity and skill development 
  7. Meet/communicate at scheduled times
  8. Help the mentee to develop goals, access resources and build a network
  9. Maintain a positive attitude
  10. Support the mentee to the best of its ability, but remember the success or failure   is the mentee’s responsibility


Mentor should try to avoid these pitfalls:

  1. Don't give advice unless it is asked
  2. Don't take responsibility for the mentee's duties  
  3. Don't allow the mentee to be dependent on him 
  4. Don't do the mentee´s work


Mentees features and responsibilities

Mentees should be newly approved FCI members without international factoring experience or former affiliate members starting as newly associate members to pro-actively generate two-factor businesses through the FCI platform that will need support and guidance for the development of the international business. They may or not have experience in domestic factoring.


Mentee’s responsibilities include, amongst others:

  1. Assume its own responsibility for the development of the international factoring business 
  2. Listen and consider alternatives
  3. Maintain confidentiality
  4. Be willing to accept constructive feedback
  5. Be willing to take risks
  6. Maintain a positive attitude
  7. Demonstrate initiative
  8. Respect its mentor's time 
  9. Inform its mentor of problems, concerns or questions 
  10. Be open minded


Mentee should try to avoid these pitfalls:

  1. Don't rely on the mentor as the only source of information and guidance
  2. Don’t expect the mentor to be your consultant
  3. Don't ask the mentor to do your work for you 





More information in the brochure here


How to enroll as a mentor?

If you think you fulfill the mentors features and are ready to contribute as a mentor, please send an email via this link


How to enrol as a mentee and find a mentor?

If you are a new member and would like to take the opportunity to aply to the mentorship program, please send an email via this link






Mentoring Process