Factoring Training Workshop, Cairo, Egypt

The Nile Ritz-Carlton Cairo, Egypt From Thursday 27 September 09:00 to Thursday 27 September 17:00

Factoring and Receivables Finance is now holding a significant share of world trade financing, increasing it year by year. Banks and Financial Institutions include factoring in their core offering to support working capital needs of their clients that are engaged in trade transactions, at the same time feeling more secured due to the monitoring processes of this facility.

FCI is supporting this positive trend and is spreading Factoring & Receivables Finance knowledge by organizing promotional and educational events in developing regions, where factoring has a great potential for growth. Africa and Middle East are becoming major players in global trade and the prospects for factoring in these regions are impressive.

FCI is organizing a “Factoring Training Workshop”, for factors, banks and other interested parties from the African and Middle East region, focusing on all relevant issues in Factoring and Receivables Finance, including Legal Issues, Industry Suitability & Risk Management topics, Accounting & taxation as well as FCI’s core offerings (Two-factor system, FCIreverse, Islamic Factoring)

Brochure Factoring Training Workshop

Brochure Factoring Training Workshop in Cairo