Factoring as a tool for financing SME’s, Cairo, Egypt

The Nile Ritz-Carlton Cairo, Egypt From Wednesday 26 September 09:00 to Wednesday 26 September 15:00

Factoring is becoming a very important and more secure financing tool for Banks and Financial Institutions, that is also supported & promoted by local and regional Associations as well as by governments and central banks.

FCI, in cooperation with the Egyptian Factoring Association (EFA), the GIZ and AFREXIMBANK, and under the patronage of the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA), is organizing a Conference on “Factoring as a tool for financing SMEs”, where Industry Experts with vast experience in Factoring & Receivables Finance (including members of the FCI Executive Committee) will present and discuss on the developments and prospects of Factoring, Receivables & Supply Chain Finance in the African and Middle East region.

Registration on EFA website here (click on event form)

The next day, FCI is organising a Factoring Training Workshop in the same venue. More information here