Online Courses Fourth Term 2018

Online From Monday 1 October 00:00 to Monday 1 October 00:00

FCI courses provide a variety of learning opportunities. The aim is always to give our members the expertise they need to offer their clients top quality professional factoring services.

The registration for the courses starting on 1 October 2018 will be available soon and shall be open until 14 September 2018.


For the 4th term, only the following courses are available:

Foundation Course on International Factoring 


  • An overview of factoring
  • FCI
  • Seller selection & acquisition
  • Managing the seller

Registrations here


Foundation Course on Domestic and International Factoring for non-member

  • Factoring Worldwide and FCI
  • An Overview of Factoring
  • Selection & Onboarding of the Seller
  • Processes & Management of the Seller

More information and registration here