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Certificate of Trade Finance in Africa (COTFIA)

Open to all
Workshop -

The American University in Cairo (Live online and on Campus)



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Venue address:

The American University in Cairo (Live online and on Campus)

As the world progresses toward becoming a more connected place, the role of regional trade and its implications for global economies is growing radically. For trade practitioners, the evolving dynamics of African regional trade can entail unprecedented opportunities for economic growth and prosperity.

Armed with the right mindset, the interested practitioner will be able to recognize and make use of the vast prospects of African regional trade. This certificate was designed to introduce you to the applied potential and actual challenges of trade activities among different regions in Africa. It explains the different stages of trade activities, starting with identifying the various trade opportunities in the continent and ultimately managing the logistics of exports/imports. 

From a global perspective, you will be introduced to the world of international trade, trade finance, supply chain finance and commercial finance (factoring, invoice discounting and asset-based lending).

Key Benefits

  • Identify - the strategic importance of international trade
  • Manage - the process of regulatory and legal compliance of an organization’s products according to the requirements of the different regional markets in Africa.
  • Discuss - different sales and marketing strategies and how to adopt them in the different regional markets.
  • Acquire - the tools needed to achieve the professional development goals in international trade finance.
  • Conduct - financial transaction analysis on elements of trade such as profit and loss and exchange rate risk management.
  • Understand - key aspects of international trade: supply chain finance and its variations, international trade finance and logistics and risks mitigation and control.
  • Integrate - trade activities within an organization’s value chain.

Registration deadline extended: 16 April 2023