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Credit Observatory virtual event: Credit scenarios in the post-pandemic era

Open to all


From Tuesday 11 May 16:00 to 17:00


From Tuesday 11 May 16:00 to 17:00

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The 2020 pandemic has deeply affected the world economic system, suspending production, evaluation methods and scenario forecasting.

Global governments’ intervention has been able to cushion the impact of lockdowns and the global slowdown, but what awaits us when we get back to "normal"?

Credit, active or passive, is the engine that powers the economic, banking and insurance sectors. Will we need a new approach to credit or will we have to live with the old methodologies and absorb the pandemic as if it were an unforeseen event?

What impact will ESG criteria have in leading companies into a new era?

These are the questions that representatives of the banking, insurance and business world will see to address.

At the roundtable:

  • Vinco David Secretary General of Berne Union, London (which associates over 80 insurance companies worldwide)
  • Peter Mulroy Secretary General of FCI, Amsterdam (which associates over 400 banks and financial institutions worldwide)
  • Laurent Steiner Head Credit & Supply Chain at ArcelorMittal, Luxembourg
  • Peter Bacon Operating Partner at Atlas Holdings, New York
  • Laurent Gourevich Head Financial Institutions at Coface, Paris
  • Daniel Rath Head Corporates at Raiffeisen Bank International, Vienna
  • Alfredo Spadaro President of the Swissdacs Group, Zurich

The event is promoted in the context of the Credit Observatory, a virtual space wanted by Swissdacs Group to create a place open to debate and the contribution of all those who are involved in various capacities in the issue: entrepreneurs, experts in the banking and insurance world, academics , representatives of the political world and civil society.

The event will be held in English, participation is open upon free Online Registration at

This is the theme that will be addressed in the CREDIT 2021 round table scheduled online on 11 May 2021 at 16:00 CET.