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FCI Academy 2024 Term 1 Career Path & Certificate Programmes

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Remote online learning has always been the flagship of FCI Academy’s education offerings. We are proud of the fact that, over the last 10 years, more than 13,000 finance professionals trusted our courses to enrich and improve their knowledge of Factoring & Receivables Finance.

The FCI Academy Online Courses are globally recognised, accredited & endorsed for their content and quality by International Academic Institutions and are included in the Education programmes of regional & multinational financial institutions. Discover the Academy's wide offering of online courses, including:

  • FCI Career Path
    Members Only | Starting from EUR 275
    The “FCI Career Path” education program is a cohesive, three-level development process which supports your staff from their first step as “new entrants in the receivables finance industry” until they become highly qualified “industry professionals”. It is a unique, globally acknowledged, career-focused learning plan. Students who successfully complete all three levels receive the FCI Gold Diploma. The three levels to the Career include:
    • Foundation Course on Factoring - Level 1
    • Intermediate Course On Factoring - Level 2
    • Advanced Course on Factoring - Level 3
  • Certificate Programme
    Open-to-All | Starting from EUR 425
    Our Certificate Programmes concentrate on the most important aspects of a factoring operation, namely Sales & Marketing, Operations, Risk Management & Legal issues. Their syllabuses have as basis the Foundation Course on Factoring, complemented by specialised courses for each programme. The range of certificates in this programme include:
    • Certificate of Sales & Marketing in Receivables Finance
    • Certificate of Legal Aspects in Receivables Finance
    • Certificate of Risk Management in Receivables Finance

All registrations close on 22 December 2023 with the courses starting on 3 January 2024. Join the 13,000+ industry professionals who have trusted us to give them the best education in receivables finance.

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