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The “FCI Career Path” education program is a cohesive, three-level development process that supports your staff from their first step as “new entrants in the receivables finance industry” until they become highly qualified “industry professionals”. It is a unique, globally acknowledged, career-focused learning plan. Students who complete all three levels receive the FCI Gold Diploma.
The FCI Career Path is only available to FCI members.

Foundation Course on Factoring
Career Path Level 1

The “FCI Foundation Course in Factoring” is the most popular, globally recognized e-learning course. It provides an overview of Factoring, including a brief history of the industry and information about FCI and details on the different types of Factoring, benefits, methods and mechanism of the two-factor system. 
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Intermediate Course on Factoring
Career Path Level 2

The FCI Intermediate Course is the natural next step from the FCI Foundation Course. It provides the student with detailed knowledge on the Principles of the two-factor system, describing in detail its operating & basic legal rules. It further elaborates on best business practices in operations, including the proper and efficient use of and EDI rules.
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Advanced Course on Factoring
Career Path Level 3

The FCI Advanced Course elaborates on the risk issues and legal considerations in Factoring. Its syllabus includes topics on Seller selection & control, Buyer risk control, Dispute prevention & handling, and a detailed reference to the FCI legal framework.
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Students complete an online multiple-choice exam covering the study material. Each level passed gives students a different certificate and allows them to advance to the next level. Students who pass level 3 will receive the FCI Gold Diploma in Factoring.

Each course opens on 3 January 2022 and is available for three months. Registrations close on 15 December 2021.

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"FCI Academy offers world-class online courses which provide a flexible timing and less budgeted learning for a bank staff like me. I studied in my own place and finished the Foundation Course on Factoring - Career Path Level 1 and got my certificate. It’s a great course focusing on 'grounds' for building knowledge on factoring, and unbelievably it is available in Chinese. FCI Academy makes self learning so easier. It’s a great place to advance your career,pursue your passion and keep learning."
- PENG SIYAO | China Construction Bank Corporation

"The FCI education program has greatly improved the depth and breadth of my knowledge of factoring business, as well as my business risk awareness. Personally, I have achieved excellent performance and have been a lecturer for many times. I would like to thank FCI Academy for providing us with this excellent program”.
ZHAO YUAN | China Minsheng Bank

“I attended FCI Foundation Course has been very useful and detailed, it helped me a lot understanding international factoring details and its products. Thank you for this great opportunity!”
NOURHAN SHERIF | Egypt Factors S.A.E