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Get a clear understanding of all risks involved in Factoring & Receivables Finance. Develop the skills to manage and mitigate risks for sustainable business growth. A programme for an effective career plan in credit & risk departments.

Online Specialised Seller Selection & Control Course

FCI Seller Selection & Control course is one of the basic courses as it is addressing all elements that factoring professionals come across during their daily tasks of controlling seller risks.
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Online Specialised Dispute Prevention & Handling Course

A dispute in factoring, either small or big, has a direct impact on a seller-buyer relationship and, consequently, on a factor, increasing considerably his risk exposure. Disputes may occur anytime but, in many cases, the factor could detect them earlier by applying effective controls. This course focuses on the disputes causes & impacts but also stresses on the actions & policies a factor can implement to avoid them.
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Online Specialised Buyer Risk Control Course

Buyers in Factoring constitute the largest number of companies in a Factor’s portfolio. Although they are not financed, our decisions for financing the seller depend almost exclusively on their financial performance & payment behavior. This course is focusing on the important task of correctly assessing buyers, so that factors may feel safe before financing sellers.
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Certificate of Risk Management in Receivables Finance

The Certificate of Risk Management in Receivables Finance aims to enhance the skills and support professionals dealing with Seller & Buyer monitoring. The program syllabus includes four (4) e-learning courses:

  • Foundation Course on Factoring
  • Seller Selection & Control Course
  • Buyer Risk Control Course
  • Dispute Prevention & Handling Course

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Students will complete an online multiple-choice exam covering the study material. Students who pass will be awarded a certificate.

Each course opens on 3 January 2022. Registrations close on 15 December 2021.

  • The 'Online Specialised Courses' must be completed within three months.
  • The 'Certificate of Risk Management in Receivables Finance' must be completed within six months including the online examinations.

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"Lately, I have also recapped my information regarding the secure receivables facilities, how to select sellers and buyers and how to mitigate the risk while selecting both sides In addition to the condensed information gained regarding GRIF conducted in the Risk Management and legal considerations in receivables finance Seminar noting it was explained in such professional, friendly, non-complicated and smooth way. Looking forward for attending additional courses and seminars."
- Haitham Shalaby | Egypt Factors S.A.E

“The FCI Education Programme allows us to give our clients top quality service while covering all risk factors."
- Garanti Faktoring A.S. | Turkey

“The FCI Academy, through its different course offerings, has given us information and experiences that we include in our internal and evaluation procedures for continuous improvement. More personally, the education that the Academy has given me allowed me to understand concepts, procedures and risks associated with International Factoring and apply them in today's economy"
- María Fernanda Hernández | Banco Cathay de Costa Rica S.A.