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Enhance the selling and marketing skills with a detailed focus on promoting Factoring & Receivables Finance. Understand its unique features, to support your company’s market expansion.

Online Specialised Selling and Marketing Factoring Course

The course focuses on the key objectives of the sales process and selling skills. It also positions factoring among other financial products addressing its comparative advantages.
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Online Specialised Pre-Sales and Seller On-Boarding Course

The course provides students with the necessary knowledge on factoring, highlighting the benefits for all involved parties, addressing also the important principles of the seller selection process. 
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Certificate of Sales & Marketing in Receivables Finance

The Certificate of Sales & Marketing in Receivables Finance aims to enhance the selling and marketing skills of factoring professionals. The program syllabus includes three (3) e-learning courses:

  • Foundation Course on Factoring
  • Selling & Marketing Factoring Course
  • Pre-sales and Seller On-Boarding course

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Students will complete an online multiple-choice exam covering the study material. Students who pass will be awarded a certificate.

Each course opens on 3 January 2022. Registrations close on 15 December 2021.

  • The 'Online Specialised Courses' must be completed within three months.
  • The 'Certificate of Sales & Marketing in Receivables Finance' must be completed within six months including the online examinations.

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"The courses are really designed to provide the information in a very simple way, especially after adding to the courses content – explanatory videos-  which is helpful, effective & to the point."
- HAITHAM SHALABY | Egypt Factors S.A.E

“I have successfully completed the FCI “Certificate of Sales & Marketing Factoring 2019-3” program, in addition to Foundation & Intermediate Course I had such a great experience and enjoyed the companionship of a  cooperative, friendly and well experienced team. I have recapped my information regarding the secure receivables facilities, how to choose a seller and be selective of the buyer and how to mitigate the risk while selecting both sides. The module that was very informative for me is the legal part and it was explained in such professional and smooth way to an extent I’d attend it over again.”
REEM ANWAR | Egypt Factors S.A.E