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Regional Workshop on Factoring & Receivables Finance in Dubai, UAE

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Dubai, UAE

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Dubai, UAE

Factoring & Receivables Finance role is becoming increasingly important among financial institutions and market regulators. The unique risk characteristics of the product along with its multiple benefits for SMEs & Large Corporates, position it as the fastest growing form of finance in many regions, especially in the emerging ones.

FCI, with the support of its members in the United Arab Emirates, is organizing a comprehensive & integrated training program, aiming to provide all the knowledge needed for a promising start-up of factoring operations within a Financial Institution. The Middle East represents one of the most favorable regions for Factoring & Receivables Finance products as open account trade flows constantly grow not only with overseas countries but also intra-regional. Dubai, UAE, has been selected as the place of this event, representing also the most important trade hub in the region.

The Workshop will be followed by separate session on Islamic Finance & Islamic Factoring, organized by FCI in cooperation with the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) highlighting the main principles of Islamic Finance, the types of Islamic Finance products as well as Islamic Factoring operational framework.