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Seminar on Risk Management and Legal Considerations in Receivables Finance, Istanbul

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DenizBank A.S.Büyükdere Cad. No: 141Esentepe Sisli -Istanbul, Turkey

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DenizBank A.S.Büyükdere Cad. No: 141Esentepe Sisli -Istanbul, Turkey

Following the high demand on the previous edition of the seminar in Bucharest, Romania in April, the FCI Education Committee decided to repeat the seminar in October 2019, this time in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a training event that should be attended by all staff in a factoring operation and must be included  in the training programmes of all Factors.

FCI is committed to provide high quality education to the Factoring & Receivables Finance industry with a special focus on Risk Management issues to ensure that the statement of “Factoring is a safe & low risk financing tool” is always confirmed.


The objective of the seminar is to get familiarized with the legal considerations and risk management in factoring. The attendees will get a better understanding of the GRIF but also on the processes to prevent and handle the risk in factoring operations.


The format of this training will combine plenum presentations followed by group discussions with Q&A sessions, practical examples and genuine cases. Industry experts and members of the Legal and Education Committees will act as presenters and instructors in all sessions of the training.


This training will benefit those involved in new businesses, operations, risk monitoring, legal, litigation departments, credit underwriting, compliance and external lawyers if appropriate, who wish to develop their existing knowledge of risk management and the legal ramifications.

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