50 Years Facilitating Open Account - Trade Finance

Benefits of FCI membership

Factoring companies or financial organisations who want to set up a factoring subsidiary should consider the advantages of FCI membership.


These include instant access to a network of factors in more than 90 countries, standardised procedures using a state-of-the-art communications system and arbitration services in case of conflicts with correspondents.


One of the key advantages of FCI Membership is the access to a broad range of educational products, including e-learning, regional seminars and tailor-made training.


FCI members also receive full access to statistics, studies, presentations and other useful information on the private library of the FCI website.


On top of this, your company will have the opportunity to meet and greet worldwide factoring industry professionals at our regular meetings.

High professional standards

FCI membership is only granted to companies committed to our high service standards which have become a benchmark for the factoring industry.


Set up in 1968, FCI has built up a worldwide reputation for excellence.


As well as a minimum capitalisation of two million euros, shareholder backing and proven management qualities, new Associate members must be prepared to be active members of FCI (see below).

Types of membership

FCI has 4 types of memberships but you can only apply for 3 types (the Full Members are members that joined FCI minimum 3 years ago and have a certain level of transaction through EDIfactoring):



Associate Member: members who intend to do international factoring. The Associate members have access to the systems and rules which have been created and continuously improved by the FCI members during the past 50 years.

Affiliate Member: members that have the access to database, rules and know-how which have been built-up and continuously improved by the FCI members during the past 50 years. Affiliate member will have all the benefits of associate members in terms of education, networking and industry information but do not have access to the two-factor platform.


Sponsor Member: members that are service provides to the Factoring and Receivables Finance industry. By becoming a Sponsor of FCI, you will have access to a network of more than 400 banks, financial institutions, independent factoring companies and service providers in more than 90 countries.

Active membership 

FCI is a dynamic association with active members.


New members are encouraged to participate in FCI events, join training programmes and get involved in the various discussions and activities of the association.


Initial membership is for three years. Members who do not participate in FCI activities or fail to achieve sufficient cross-border factoring volume, will not have their membership renewed. 


FCI offers a variety of training opportunities. 


FCI recognises that specialist education about factoring is not yet widely available at university level. Therefore FCI has developed a series of learning programmes. In this way knowledge from seasoned factoring professionals can be shared with new or less experienced colleagues. 


FCI offers members a variety of training  courses, e-learning and seminars, please have a look here


For further information, details about membership fees and application procedures please contact the FCI secretariat