A review from SCF Forum Asia 2019, Singapore

Monday 27 May 2019

SCF Forum Asia 2019 was held in Singapore on 23 May 2019. In line with its objective of supporting SCF activities, FCI is again one of the partners for this event.

SCF Forum Asia brings together treasurers, procurement directors, banks, technology vendors and academics to learn from each other and set out the future of Supply Chain Finance. This one-day conference featured case studies from companies who have developed successful supply chain finance. The event was well attended by more than 150 participants.

Mr. Michiel Steeman, the Executive Director of SCF community said that it was very exciting to see that the SCF Forum has grown further to more than 150 delegates and particularly thrilled to see the increased emphasis on linking SCF to inclusiveness and sustainability.

FCI was represented by its Regional Director for South and South East Asia , Lee Kheng Leong who was one of the panelists in the panel discussion on The Supply Chain Finance Ecosystem: How banks and fintechs are working together to deliver better solutions for corporates. The panel highlighted the challenges facing the SCF industry.

For the corporate treasurer or procurement director looking to set up a supply chain finance programme, the landscape of potential partners and providers can be a confusing one, with banks, technology platforms and consultants all vying to take the lead. The panel discussed how banks, technology firms and corporates will come out with ways of working together to ensure the best outcome.

Kheng Leong highlighted that FCI recognized this problem and to help its members to overcome this problem , it has implemented FCIreverse. FCIreverse is an approved payable international supply chain platform. It enables its 400 members in over 90 countries and their clients to use a common system and a common legal agreement.