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APEC SME Finance forum

Wednesday 13 September 2017

The APEC SME Finance forum, organized by APEC Business Advisory Council, World Bank group and IFC was held in Ho Chi Minh City on 11 September 2017. The theme of this year's forum is Leveraging Technologies to scale up Supply Chain Financing.The event was attended by about 200 delegates from the region. Speakers came from Asia, Europe and the US . FCI was represented by its Asia Director , LEE Kheng Leong who presented FCIreverse, the international Supply Chain Finance platform developed by FCI .

Although Supply Chain Financing is still new in Vietnam, many local banks would like to go into international Supply Chain Financing quickly. However, they cannot, as they do not have a good international network. The beauty of FCIreverse is that it enables these local banks to go into the international Supply Chain and compete with the international banks. Participants were keen to learn more about FCIreverse.

They have another opportunity to learn FCIreverse in more details again in Ho Chi Minh City as we will be conducting a workshop on Receivable Financing from 10-12 October which will cover FCIreverse (more information here).