All the students that attended COFIT passed with success and received the university accredited certificate

Friday 2 August 2019

FCI in cooperation with Afreximbank and University of Malta organised for the 4th time the Certificate of Finance in International Trade (COFIT) for African students. Today we know the results of the last edition. All 7 students that followed the course succeeded and received the certificate accredited by the University of Malta.

The certificate was divided in 4 modules of one week each, two modules in Malta with lecturers from the University of Malta and two modules in Cairo, Egypt, with FCI and Quarterback lecturers.

Let’s meet with Lloyd Gabriel Musha (Manager, Credit Risk Assessment, Afreximbank), the student with the highest grade of the last edition, to hear his feedback on the programme. We have asked him four questions about the certificate.

What does the COFIT programme brings you in your daily work today?

The COFIT programme brings customer centricity and allows me to provide bespoke solutions that serves the Bank’s clients whilst satisfying the objectives of the Bank. It allows me to effectively contribute in deal teams, embrace team-work, gives me an opportunity to innovate and handle seemingly challenging transactions in a manner that delivers results cost effectively. It brings happiness in doing my work.


What differentiate the COFIT programme from other study programmes you have followed?

COFIT is delivered by reputable and experienced practitioners and strong academics bringing the best of both worlds for the greater good of the learners, their employers and sponsor partners of the programme like Afreximbank, clients of financial institutions and important various stakeholders. It draws students from across different markets and fields which sets a great platform for sharing experiences and best practice. The programme is practical in nature such that straight from the classroom, one immediately delivers at work and adds value to stakeholders.


What did you like the best in the programme?

Whilst all the modules were very much challenging and exciting, I particularly enjoyed module 4 “Commercial Finance” by FCI. The group presentation assignments were real business scenarios, were quite challenging and had to be delivered in a short space of time. It gave us the opportunity to work as teams in an organised fashion, challenging each other, sharing tasks and at the end of the day successfully delivering a group assignment. The experience was awesome and very enriching. The exercise caused us to go beyond the boundaries, put to test our abilities to collaborate and effectively work as teams despite our different backgrounds and showed us that indeed the sum of whole is greater that one.


There are always area of improvement, can you tell us what improvement you could see in the programme?

Overall a good programme. I would encourage the university to obtain more data and case studies on Africa on various relevant topics covered by the programme. Institutions like Afreximbank can assist as the Bank has a strong research department and has quite a bit of case studies on transactions done across the continent. Also provide feedback on the various assignments that we did so that we identify learning needs.

Thank you Lloyd for your replies, I think it gives us the impression to understand better the programme.

Are you interested to get the same certificate? The 2020 edition of COFIT will open for registration very soon, if you are interested to receive the documentation on the programme once available, please send an email to

Lloyd Gabriel Musha, Manager, Credit Risk Assessment, Afreximbank