Brexit Business Event, 24th October 2018, London

Monday 8 October 2018

The "ultimate business guide to Brexit" conference will be given on Wednesday 24th October at the London Stock Exchange, helping you answer if your business is ready for Brexit.

Given the uncertainties around what Brexit means for your business and your planning and decision making, this event will provide clarity for business professionals like you, about what you can do to mitigate risk and feel more confident during a turbulent time.

Through presentations and an interactive panel discussion, our industry specialists will help you prepare for and understand some of the potential scenarios that could arise as a result of Brexit, in order to
minimise the impact and manage the different areas of your business that could be affected.

As part of our collaboration with Trade Finance Global, FCI members can get free access and attend this important event if they use the code tfgbrexit5 when they sign up.

Please follow this link for more information and registration.