CBA and FCI signed a MoU to establish education cooperation, communication mechanism and exchange of information

Monday 10 September 2018

On 13 June 2018, during FCI 50th Annual Meeting, China Banking Association (CBA) and FCI signed a Memorandum of Understanding establishing a training cooperation mechanism (CBA will promote the ten FCI courses) and a communication mechanism (support for conferences and working group) and building an information exchange mechanism (to facilitate cooperation and discussions) and strengthening communication between CBA and FCI.

The first occurrence of this cooperation is the legal conference organised for lawyers, judges, authorities and financial institutions to discuss the international and domestic factoring industry development trend and impact of the latest regulatory policies, the main legal problems faced by the court in the trials of factoring disputes and identification and prevention of false transactions and false documents in factoring transactions. The conference takes place on 17 October in Beijing. FCI Legal Committee experts will act as presenters with other factoring and legal experts. The conference is organised by CBA in cooperation with FCI.

The conference is followed by an FCI Training on Risk Management and Legal Considerations in Factoring and Receivables Finance on 18-19 October in Beijing. FCI Legal Committee and Education Committee will act as presenters. The training will have a special focus on some GRIF articles that concern risk management and legal considerations. CBA helps FCI in promoting the conference in China. Registrations are open on FCI website. More information: