Discover In-Sight August edition

Thursday 30 August 2018

In-Sight August edition is now available online here!

In this edition, you may discover the following articles:

•             Welcome from the Chairman Mr. Çagatay Baydar

•             A Word from the Secretary General, Mr. Peter Mulroy, who updates us on the 50 years of FCI

•             Don't Lose Hope: Latin America and the Caribbean Region update from Alberto Wyderka

•             Rebranding of the FCI Education Programme by Aysen Cetintas

•             FCI Advocacy: John Brehcist, FCI Advocacy Director shares two examples where FCI involvement is helping to address legal and regulatory issues

•             Interview of Çagatay Baydar about his vision on the future of FCI

•             New Members: Acudeen, Bandex, Banque Postale du Congo, Commercial International Bank (CIB), Credit Bank of Moscow, Eurivex, Harare Receivables Exchange, Olympia Factors Commerciale, Standard Chartered Bank Bahrain

•             The Role of Independent Factors in Singapore, Lee Kheng Leong interviews three members

•             FCI Webinars: discover the new Education Offering

•             Use of Credit Insurance by Factors: its usefulness and some pitfalls, by Probin Dass

•             FCI App

•             Promotional and Training Events in Cairo, Egypt by Spyros Tsolis

•             Blockchain Beyond the Hype: What is the Strategic Business Value?

•             Training Event in Bejing, China

•             Edifactoring Figures first half 2018 by Harry Biletta

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