Do you want your team members to become real factoring professionals ?

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Do you want your team members to become real factoring professionals ?

FCI can help you reach your goal !

We offer both FCI members and non-members fantastic learning opportunities. The next study term starts on 4 January 2019.

FCI members can now register to a wide range of 9 e-learning courses, containing all there is to know about Factoring & Receivables Finance, FCI & the Two-Factor System, Risk management in Factoring & Receivables Finance (seller & buyer risks, fraud detection & dispute prevention), Legal Issues & GRIF, Selling & Marketing Factoring.

For more information and registration, visit our website or download the FCI Course - First Term 2019 Circular.


Foundation Course on International Factoring

  • An overview of factoring
  • FCI
  • Seller Selection & Onboarding
  • Managing the seller

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In English

In Spanish

In Chinese

Intermediate Course on International Factoring

  • Principles of the two-factor system
  • Operating rules & basic legal rules of the two-factor system
  • Best business practices in operations
  • Use of and EDI rules

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Advanced Course on International Factoring

  • Seller selection & control
  • Buyer risk control
  • Dispute prevention & handling FCI legal framework
  • Purchase order management
  • Invoice verification

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Seller Selection & Control Course

  • Seller selection
  • Seller control
  • Monitoring the seller risk
  • Fraud detection & prevention

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Buyer Risk Control Course

  • Buyer risk control & finance
  • Buyer risk control & credit cover
  • Buyer risk assessment
  • Monitoring the buyer risk

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Selling and Marketing Factoring Course

  • Key objectives of the selling process
  • Selling skills
  • Sales process, pricing, alternative products
  • Marketing Factoring
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Dispute Prevention & Handling Course

  • What is a dispute in factoring
  • Causes of disputes
  • Impact of a dispute
  • How to avoid disputes
  • FCI dispute procedure

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Legal Course

  • Legal framework of FCI
  • FCI constitution
  • General rules of international factoring
  • Rules of arbitration
  • rules

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Pre-sales and Seller On-boarding in Factoring Course

  • International factoring business explained
  • Seller selection
  • Educating the seller
  • Basic operating rules and legal rules of the two-factor system

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FCI non-members can also learn more about domestic and international factoring and get a certificate on Factoring in English, Spanish, Chinese or French.

We offer all new factoring staff a comprehensive online introduction to the Industry in the form of our E-learning Foundation Course on Domestic and International Factoring covering the following subjects:

  1. Factoring Worldwide and FCI
  2. An Overview of Factoring
  3. Selection & On-boarding of the Seller
  4. Processes & Management of the Seller


More information is available online here.


Don't wait as registrations will be closed on 7 December 2018 !