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FCI Legal Training on GRIF successfully held in Miami

Wednesday 4 October 2017

Another successful FCI Legal Training on the General Rules for International Factoring (GRIF) was held with participants mainly from Latin American countries in Miami USA on 20 - 22 September 2017.


Unlike the Traditional Legal Seminar that has the whole FCI Manual Volume II as subject, this seminar aims to deal with the details of the GRIF only.


Participants from all levels had the opportunity to review the rules and discuss on and answer the prepared questions about the details of the GRIF together with explanations by the experts from the Legal Committee of FCI.


Since well understanding the GRIF is highly important in risk management of a factoring company, this regional seminar attracts attention of all international factoring companies all over the world.


Discover testimonials from attendees:


Mr. Josue PEREZ (Banco Nacional De Comercio Exterior S.N.C., Mexico)

“FCI Legal Seminar on GRIF is an excellent way to get knowledge of said rules, and also great opportunity to learn from the participants' experience.”

Ms. Maria SOTIROPOULOU (ABC Factors A.E., Greece)

“FCI Legal Training is an experience for everyone.“