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FCI Marketing Committee held a workshop with Codix in Sofia, Bulgaria

Thursday 9 November 2017

The newly elected FCI Marketing and Communication Committee held its first physical meeting at the UniCredit International Center in Sofia, Bulgaria on 23-27 October. The committee discussed topics covering the latest development of FCI marketing campaigns, the improvement of FCI website, new communication tools, the FCI member satisfaction survey as well as initiatives regarding product/services development and marketing of education. Our aim is to turn our fruitful discussions into improvements of FCI in the near future.

Also, a workshop sponsored by Codix, attended by 25 participants, attracted the major Bulgarian banks and FCI members to join. During the workshop, we reviewed the evolution of Bulgarian factoring market and also discussed the latest evolutions of FCI (presentation by Peter Mulroy), the status of FCIReverse (Josep Selles), the development of the Greek Factoring market (Afroditi Stavraki) and new technologies in Receivables Finance (Codix). In a question & answer session followed by a joint lunch, topics regarding FCI, ideas & suggestions were exchanged between the Bulgarian members and FCI Marketing Committee.