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FCI welcomes MPS Leasing & Factoring as a new member

Monday 3 April 2017

FCI is delighted to welcome MPS Leasing & Factoring S.p.A. as its Associate Member.

Based in Italy, MPS Leasing & Factoring, Banca per i Servizi Finanziari alle Imprese Spa is the Montepaschi Group’s centre of excellence for specialised lending.

Since 2001, MPS Leasing & Factoring has been providing an integrated offer of Leasing & Factoring products. It has acquired solid experience from more than 20 years of independent activity in all key specialised lending products and from the synergies created with Banca MPS, which has provided tradition and experience, its technical and managerial skills as well as an established customer base.

Technology, expertise and professionalism are considered by MPS Leasing & Factoring to be crucial factors in carrying out its mission: offering integrated leasing and factoring packages to fully support the financing needs of businesses.

Though MPS Leasing & Factoring and Banca Mps share common values as well as the ability to develop products and services tailored to the specific needs of customers, MPS Leasing & Factoring has been able to develop its own experience and its own operational rules which have led it to achieve its current position in the market.

The Montepaschi Group, to which MPS Leasing & Factoring belongs, operates across the county and in all of the major international markets, with operations ranging from traditional banking to Private Banking, from investment banking to innovative business financing (project financing, merchant banking and financial advisory).