GTR Australia Trade Forum 2017

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Returning to Sydney for its fourth year, GTR’s annual gathering in Australia has evolved into the Australia Trade Forum for 2017.

A corporate-focused gathering bringing together all sectors involved in international trade, the event will report on developments in global markets and their impact on Australian trade, and explore what the future may hold for Australia’s corporates and exporters.

Highlighted topics include:
•    Putting the spotlight on Australia: Policy updates, commodity outlook and future developments amidst the economic volatility
•    The big picture: An analysis of the macroeconomic environment, trade rebound and its impact.
•    What’s next for Australia’s corporates? Reviewing challenges and opportunities that Australian corporates are facing, across procurement, treasury and supply chain management.
•    Digitalisation, technology and trade: An update into the new technologies for trade and financing industries and the bright opportunities they bring for Australia.
•    Supply chain financing: Current challenges, opportunities and risks across SC financing
•    Trade and commodity financing: Mechanisms, structures and evolving risk management strategies.
•    Traders’ roundtable: Experts will navigate delegates through the challenges of Australia’s commodity-based economy and covering topics including trade volumes, policies and regulations and the environmental and political factors impacting trade.
•    Supply chain management: The latest technologies and innovations driving supply chain digitisation.
•    Masterclass option: Join this masterclass session to secure a better understanding of policies, regulations, financing options and procedures while learning how to set up your treasury hub in Australia.
•    Infrastructure financing: Reviewing the importance of investing in infrastructure to help increase production and understand where future investment opportunities are.
•    Corporate key priorities and optimisation: Experts will provide crucial techniques from evaluating, managing and reducing liquidity, currency risk, increasing supply chain efficiency to ensure greater working capital optimisation and much more. 

The event will provide maximum audience interaction with live polling, active debates and several stream options, allowing attendees to select their preferred structure. 2017’s conference will be an ideal opportunity to establish new relationships with those currently doing business in the country.

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