Global SME Finance Awards 2020 by SME Finance Forum

Wednesday 18 March 2020

SME Finance Forum is organising this year two competitions: the annual Global SME Finance Awards and the new decade SME Finance Outlook 2030. You can apply for both competitions; deadline is in May but it needs some preparation so don’t wait to start your application.

Global SME Finance Awards

The Global SME Finance Awards will recognize outstanding achievements of financial institutions and fintech companies in delivering exceptional products and services to their SME clients.

  • Have you achieved remarkable results in providing finance to women-owned SMEs over the past few years?
  • Have you launched an innovative product that improved your business?
  • Have you have had remarkable results with the SME segment in your country or region?
  • Have you been an innovator in digital financial services?

If so, tell us your story to illustrate your commitment to the SME sector, including the history and success you have had and the concrete actions you are taking to serve this segment. Submit your nomination in the categories below (each institution can be considered for up to two categories). Winners will be announced on October 26, 2020 at the Global SME Finance Forum 2020 in Bangkok.

More information and application here

SME Finance Outlook 2030

To celebrate the new decade, this year’s Global SME Finance Forum will look much farther forward, to imagine where we might be in SME financing a decade from now. We will test the limits of our prescience by predicting how products, delivery channels, institutions and enabling environments might look 10 years from now.

Following our practice of leveraging as much knowledge sharing as we can from our membership and our wider public audience, we will launch a public "Call for Insights" on what SME finance will look like in 2030. Best articles will be shared in a special report to be issued at the conference, and the authors will be considered for speaking roles at the event.

More information and application here