IPDC Finance Limited joins FCI as an Affiliate member in Bangladesh

Thursday 14 November 2019


Operating since 1981, IPDC strives to be the most passionate financial brand in the country that goes beyond the pursuit of financial inclusion of its customers and enable them to live unbound. With an unprecedent journey of 38 years, IPDC created meaningful stories in different walks of its treasured clienteles’ lives.

Since its inception, IPDC Finance has played a pivotal role in developing the country’s industrial landscape. As the fastest growing financial institution of the country, their major shareholders include the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh (21.88%), BRAC (25.00%) and General Investors (27.47%). They were recently rated AAA by Emerging Credit Ratings, which is the strongest rating for an NBFI in the country. IPDC was also awarded the “Best Financial Institution of 2018” at the 18th Bangladesh Business by Awards DHL-The Daily Star. For details, please visit our website at www.ipdcbd.com


Supply Chain Finance is one of the most important strategic products of IPDC Finance Limited. In most emerging markets including Bangladesh, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) lack access to credit and liquidity that they require for their daily working capital needs. With a motto to serve a wider range of SME clients, IPDC intends to expand its arena beyond metro cities of Bangladesh. It has been increasing its branches and partner locations nationwide, as well as ensuring an active presence online. As a financial partner, IPDC nurtures SMEs through developing viable solutions specifically to meet the goals of small and medium businesses. These SMEs are one of the most crucial driving factors of the economy, supporting the big Corporate Houses in both production and operation. Despite their importance to the economy, SMEs are not always part of the financial inclusion of the banking sector and often charged a higher rate for the financial services. High risk lies in SME businesses as there are challenges in tracking and recovering funds. Loan without proper monitoring is extremely risky, for which our recovery monitoring is very vigorous.

IPDC took the challenge of working with these SME entrepreneurs, starting supply chain financing in 2012. IPDC established a coordinated approach by working as a financial bridge between the SMEs and the Suppliers by providing low cost financing at very lenient terms and conditions. This resulted in IPDC becoming the market leader within a span of 5 years. Currently IPDC holds a share of around 30% in this industry while competing with established Banks and NBFIs. IPDC’s portfolio consists of more than 250 customers who are serving around 190 corporate houses in Bangladesh. Since its inception, IPDC has disbursed USD 400 Million (approx.) to these investors which has created more than 10,000 jobs in the country over the last 7 years. To encourage women entrepreneurs, IPDC launched a very lucrative loan for women at a lower interest rate of 8%, solely for women entrepreneurs who are engaged in production and service-based businesses.

IPDC strongly believes in the mission to enable customers and communities to rise unbound and to live to their fullest potential and that financial inclusion can be done more efficiently with FinTech innovation. With this view IPDC initiated the Supply Chain Digital platform called “Orjon”, which integrates the Buyers, Suppliers and their Financiers at the same time. It has been done in association with IBM, using the first ever Blockchain Technology in Bangladesh. With this platform in place, IPDC is poised to bring more efficiency and momentum in the Supply Chain Financing industry while holding the leadership position in all aspects.