Participate in the ITFA conference to discuss changes in technology that started at the FCI Annual meeting 2019 in Vietnam

Monday 8 July 2019

The changes in technology, the rise of fintechs, the place of factoring within the wider open account and supply chain eco-system and the need to attract new investors are critical subjects for our members. We began the conversation on these issues at our annual conference in Vietnam. With our partner association, ITFA, we are pleased to offer a unique opportunity to explore these areas further at the ITFA annual conference in Budapest which takes place from 4-6 September. The programme and registration details can be found here

ITFA has a strong fintech community which will be discussing current issues in trade and supply chain finance and how their products can assist all financial institutions, including factors, on the Wednesday morning. An open meeting of the Trade Finance Distribution Initiative (TFDI) will be held on the Friday afternoon. The TFDI is backed by a number of large global banks and has also attracted interest from non-bank financial investors, such as hedge and alternative funds, a number of whom will be present in Budapest. These investors have a particular interest in factoring assets but finding an appropriate entry point is challenging – a problem which the TFDI is making efforts to solve.

All this in addition to a rich plenary programme and a dedicated networking space with new partners.