International Factoring at University: Turkey, a brilliant example.

Wednesday 31 January 2018

Yüce UYANIK, member of the Legal Committee of FCI, reports that a second university, Piri Reis University, in Istanbul, Turkey, starts teaching International Factoring to undergraduate university students.

Until this semester Işık University was the only one in the World, having International factoring in its curriculum as a separate course. Since 2009, more than 200 students have finished the elective course MAN 489 – International Factoring and some of them have already started working successfully for some factoring companies after finishing their school.

Starting from February 2018, Piri Reis University agreed with Yüce UYANIK to teach International Factoring (UIT 430) to their students.

The topics of the one - semester course are the followings:

  • Definition of Factoring
  • International Factoring
  • History of Factoring and FCI
  • Types of Factoring
  • Comparison of International Factoring with Other Terms of Payment
  • Advantages of Factoring and Cost Calculation
  • General Rules for International Factoring