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Successful factoring workshop in Jakarta

Friday 7 April 2017

Following the success of the factoring workshop in Cambodia, we organized another workshop in Jakarta on 6 April in conjunction with Peter Mulroy' visit to Asia. This workshop was organized jointly with Indonesia Financial Services Association (APPI) and was sponsored by KAPPS consultancy. There were 80 participants who are mainly from multi finance Companies and banks. Unlike banks multi finance companies can undertake factoring without the need to get approval from the financial services authority.

The topics covered this half day workshop include introduction to factoring, risks management, client and custom selection, marketing of factoring and the importance of factoring system.

Apart from attracting new members, the other objective is to instill the importance of management and control of risks in factoring. We hope that with this workshop Indonesia factoring companies will be stronger compared to the Asian financial crisis where the factors was wipe out completely in Indonesian.

The conference has also attracted keen interest from the participants on joining FCI as well as enrolling to our education courses.