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Lead your Sales Team to Success in Factoring!

Friday 17 November 2017

Do you want your sales team maximize opportunities and close more sales in factoring?


Who should attend?

Sales & Marketing Teams, Product Managers and Relationship Managers


2 certificate courses specially designed  to train your Sales Force :

  • Selling and Marketing Factoring Course focuses on the key objectives of the factoring selling process (sales skills) by incorporating the product benefits as well as on the marketing of Factoring, both internally & externally.
  • Pre-Sales and Seller On-Boarding in Factoring Course provides valuable knowledge to strengthen your sales force in their daily selling efforts. Seller selection criteria complemented with information on the basic operational and legal rules of factoring enrich your sales force, not only to make a successful sale but also to educate the market.


After completing the two courses, the students can sit  an optional diploma  examination on Selling Factoring. They will become certified sales experts by receiving the FCI Diploma on Selling Factoring.


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