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Meet FCI new Sponsor in Hong Kong , China Systems, specialised in software solutions
14 January 2019

China Systems is the leading trade finance software solution provider worldwide. Our flagship core products for back-office, Eximbills®, and front-end, Customer Enterprise, are used by many international banks as a single Solution to meet their trade finance, payments, guarantees, factoring and supply chain finance processing requirements. The Solution has become widely accepted as the de facto standard for trade finance processing worldwide as a result of China Systems' more than 35 years of expertise, commitment and global footprint.Today, China Systems has a growing international base of loyal customers in more than 60 countries as it continues to explore new business areas in the financial world. Using its knowledge in solution design and financial institutions' architecture, and its extensive experience in systems development and implementation, China Systems has created a powerful business enabling development platform catering for the needs of a range of international transaction banking services.The company's expertise centers around providing automated solutions for niche areas of banking that systems suppliers have traditionally paid less attention to, including trade finance, guarantees, factoring and supply chain finance, as well as for more standard offerings in the payments and remittance space.Factoring and Receivables Financing are part of our SCF solution, covering Reverse Factoring, Invoice Discounting as well as Import, Export and Domestic Factoring, fully supporting EDI for message exchange.