Welcome to KAPPS Consulting Pte. Ltd., FCI’s new Sponsor member in Singapore

Monday 2 September 2019

KAPPS Consulting Pte. Ltd. is an MBO of the IT Solutions Business of KPMG Advisory Services Pte. Ltd.


KAPPS Consulting (KAPPS) offers a range of financial applications software including the Trade Financing (Open Account) Software Solutions for Factoring, Reverse Factoring, and Supply Chain Financing. Our solutions are purpose-built to handle both buyer-led or seller-led programmes under a single platform. KAPPS System is used by banks and independent factors, including several that deploy the System across the region. Our Invoice Financing and Approved Payable platforms can be used by banks to set up their financing communities.

KAPPS Factoring System (FactorPro) covers a wide range of services and functions for Domestic, Direct Export, Export, Import, with key features for both pool based and invoice-by-invoice financing, insurance as well as interfacing seamlessly with the FCI edifactoring.com

KAPPS Reverse Factoring and SCF System enables banks and finance providers to implement and execute buyer-led supply chain financing programmes effectively. The System handles financing of the suppliers from the Pre-Shipment to the Post-Shipment Post-Acceptance (based on Approved Payables) stage. KAPPS Distributor Financing Solution is also available for financing the importers and distributors on the extended payment terms.

Drawing from our extensive years of experience and innovations, KAPPS’ solutions and services address the operational and technical requirements, and allow our clients to focus on providing supply chain financing propositions tailored to their customers’ needs.

KAPPS System is modular, coupled with ready APIs. It can be deployed either on-premise or on-cloud. Our solutions are highly cost-effective and enables rapid roll-out to multiple countries.

For more information, please visit www.kapps.com.sg