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Aite recognises Oracle Trade Finance as a best-in-class solution
Aite recognizes Oracle Trade Finance as a best-in-class solution
16 February 2024

Research and advisory firm Aite-Novarica recently named Oracle Banking Trade Finance a best-in-class solution among global players. The report, Aite Matrix: Trade Finance Software, specifically recognized Oracle's ability to bring about accelerated digitalization and transformational changes for financial institutions through innovative technology.

 The report compares leading global vendors in the trade finance space using multiple criteria and classifies them into best-in-class and contenders based on vendor strength and product performance. According to Enrico Camerinelli, strategic advisor at Aite-Novarica, “Oracle has an edge mainly for its stability and client strength, as well as for its product functionalities established on deep knowledge of trade finance dynamics and dominance of the field.”

The report also states, “The top drivers guiding Oracle in servicing its clients include on-time project completion, client satisfaction through high-quality software capabilities with continuous integration and delivery built-in, and successful business process transformation through innovative technology and processes.”

The trade and supply chain market is highly competitive, and banks need to transform themselves to efficiently meet the growing trade finance demands of corporates. “Banks need to have the right set of systems in their banking IT infrastructure to meet not only their current requirements but also keep in mind the ever-changing trade finance landscape,” said Vikram Gupta, group vice president and head of banking product development at Oracle. “Oracle Banking Trade Finance solution helps banks achieve this by providing automated workflows and real-time reporting to support the most complex structures across multiple geographies.”

Various software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery models and disruptive technologies, such as AI-guided digital assistants, blockchain, and natural language processing (NLP) are becoming mainstream and play significant roles in enabling organizations to embrace and accelerate digitization and modernization. Oracle’s approach is to optimally leverage these technologies to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of true SaaS solutions for banking.

Aite-Novarica's recognition of Oracle Banking Trade Finance as a best-in-class solution is a testament to the product's stability, client satisfaction, and Oracle’s deep knowledge of trade finance dynamics. Our commitment to continuous technological innovation ensures that we remain relevant and competitive in the highly dynamic and competitive trade finance landscape.

To know more, please visit Oracle Banking Trade Finance.

This article was originally posted on the Oracle website here.