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BCR webflash Examining the Greensill Fallout is available in replay
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The collapse of Greensill last week is once again raising questions about supply chain finance and the way it is operated.

Are these questions justified? Is it reasonable to question the efficacy of supply chain finance based on what happened at Greensill? Has the reporting of the Greensill situation and the whole sector been fair and objective? What can the sector do to allay concerns and ensure that the growth and evolution of the sector continue without hindrance and bad PR?

Questions discussed:

  • What reputational damage might there be to the sector?
  • What is the public perception of SCF now?
  • Credit insurance – friend or foe?
  • What action might be considered by regulators and rating agencies, if any?

Comparing fintechs and banks as SCF providers

Senior executives including Peter Mulroy (FCI), Michael Bickers (BCR), Sean Edwards (ITFA), Frédéric Gits (FitchRatings), Matt Wreford (DEMICA) and Igor Zaks (Tenzor Ltd.) discussed the above question.

More information to get the recording here.